Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Love & Care

Oh India & Kolkata how I miss you! It's been a while but something continues to be an earbug in my mind from our nightly reflections, conversations, interactions, and experiences. I can't shake it!

"Attention is love." & "Love and care are humanity's basic needs."

Everything, everywhere since being back reminds me of this love and care that vibrates throughout our days-no matter what continent you're on.

Watching a mother hold her child on her hip while talking with another adult. Seeing friends interact and laugh together. Hearing a child ask for help with something. Being asked, "How are you?" The creation and distribution of food. Gardens. A dog slurping water from the lake. Touch. Tears and another comforting those tears. Hearing someone ask the grocery store cashier how their day is. Acts of Kindness. Conversation. Company.

Love and care vibrate through this world constantly. Let it strengthen you and let it come into you.

Be well,