Thursday, May 24, 2012


I swear this place gets hotter when the sun goes down. I am currently dripping sweat in our hotels lobby. it is the humidity that is brutal. We are now a couple of days into our journey and today was our first "day off" from the mother house. I was just invited into an air conditioned restaurant attached to the room i was sitting in and am quite thankful. I apologize in advance for the poor punctuation ... Electronics Are not my favorite...especially while in India... Today we visited an inspiring business that gets women out of the red light district of kolkata and into a factory that makes tee shirts and hand bags... Bringing women freedom. Kolkata is a beautiful, chaotic, sweaty, smelly, dirty, delicious, and wonderful place..... I just ordered malai Kofta with roti... It is one of my favorite Indian dishes.... I highly recommend it. I have not done enough service work in my life. Already, this trip has opened my eyes ears and heart so much. I am so thankful to be here and be able to help people in need. I love India. This is my third time visiting the country and god willing it will not be my last. ... There is so much to say and I do not know where to start.... I have been working at Daya Dan. My first day as a volunteer at Daya Dan was rather frustrating but it has gotten better each day. At Daya Dan we work with some great children with mental and physical handicaps... On the first floor of the building(where sunny,carlos and myself have chosen to work) Each volunteer is paired with one particular child... We have lessons with our child each day and try to help them learn. The work requires a lot of patience... Ultimately the important work is providing these children with love and care. I have been working with a boy named Justice. We have been working on counting and simple addition. We have also been working on writing his name and numbers. I was just informed we only have ten minutes before our reflection so I will try to touch some things quickly.... Justice has a BEAUTIful singing voice. Each day after classes we sing with the children, smile and dance. It is my favorite part of the day. the children get so happy. baby baluga? Papa shark, the Macarena, the chicken dance... Classics.... The other day we had. A class called "light class" and layer in a circle with the children looking at a cylinder disco ball. . And music I have also volunteered at Kalighat the home for dying men. I realize I really like bringing water to people who cannot drink water Especially in this heat... I just want to bring water to people. At Kalighat I helped change and move some folks, did some laundry and helped feed some of the men. I am thankful. I must go for now. Be well and happy. ...johno

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  1. John!!!! You are such a good teacher for little kids who love to hear music and sing and dance! They are so lucky to have you sharing your gifts. Your P.I. looks better. Please remember to drink only the water for visitors; even if you're there for a long time, your body still can only have the fluids that are safe for non-locals.
    We love you. We loved reading about your first couple of days. Thank you, and all of your fellow volunteers, for sharing your thoughts and insights. Stay safe. Talk soon!!! xo mom