Monday, May 28, 2012

Now I lay me down to sleep...

I always new I was blessed growing up as a child, but to what degree I was still unaware. I never had to worry about going hungry or about not having a roof over my head . At night I knew there would always be a comfy bed to greet me as my sister and I recited our favorite prayer, now I lay me down to sleep. Coming to Kolkata my eyes have been widened. I know have a new sense of reality. A reality I once read about in books and learned about in school but never experienced myself. Its The reality of poverty.Here, comfy beds and healthy meals exist only behind the iron gates of tourist hotels that line sudder street. These hotels are where volunteers escape for the night to recouparate for another day of hard work. Life outside means little food and a bed upon rags on the sidewalks. It isn't just the old, or the men who sleep among the streets in kolkata-by night fall and a busy day of work those of all sizes take rest in the street. Sidewalks once used for walking become the crowded hallways where those find themselves at rest. On our way to mother house in the morning we find ourselves walking through these hallways, trying so carefully not to disturb those still catching their last minutes of sleep. It's difficult not to feel intrusive,like your walking in someones bedroom after they,ve woken from a nights sleep. As intrusive as it feels most greet you with A gentle nod of the head, or a namaste. A wonderful way to start any morning of service. Peace and love, Ashley

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  1. lovely,heart-warming and love to you all..Darlene