Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last Meeting!

This past Sunday we all got together one last time at Allison’s house to alleviate some of the stress brought upon by finals week. It was nice to have everyone together for a potluck dinner. As I said before in my previous post, it is amazes me how well we all work together. As Brian made the french fries, John made the Caprese salad, Sunny, a few others and I set up the cups while everyone else took care of arranging the table with all the food for us to eat.

Time to eat!

Allison discussing last minute logistics.

After enjoying a wide variety of delicious foods, eating delicious home made ice cream and brownies and getting to know each other a bit more with a reflection Meghan had everyone take part in; we headed back to St. Mikes for Mass to receive a blessing from Fr. Brian. After Mass, we concluded our afternoon together by taking our first group photo right outside the chapel.

SMC India 2012
From Left to Right:
Top-Myself (Carlos), Beth, Melissa, Alicia, Anna, Allison
Bottom-John, Alyssa, Sunny, Meghan, Ashley, Brian
and Kirsten (not pictured)

As I sit on my bus ride home, I cannot believe how close we all are to the departure date. I still can’t believe I am going to Kolkata to volunteer and I know the reality of it won’t hit me until I am actually there, walking the busy street of Kolkata in less than two weeks.

Until then,


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